To date, UFO Studios has enjoyed the company and work contributions of eighty two individuals from twenty two different countries including Japan, Taiwan, Argentina, India, Australia, Canada, the  USA, and Europe.

Volunteers need not be artists or musicians, but should have an interest in the creative arts.  The minimum period for volunteering is two weeks, as it takes time for people to become familiar with their new surroundings and our routine.

We expect 25 hours of work per week in return for accommodation, food, utilities, and unlimited wifi access. The work is varied depending on the time of year and which aspect of the project’s development is current. One may be asked to weed paths, harvest fruit, cook, clean, chop wood, cut grass, build a bottle wall or dig a trench, therefore, a willingness to tackle any type of work is essential. Even so, the schedule is not rigid and previous volunteers have been more than happy to perform the tasks asked of them.  Potential volunteers should enjoy taking the initiative and helping with the day-to-day functionality of the project as well.

Individuals such as carpenters, plumbers, electricians and builders should specify their skill as there are several buildings requiring renovation. If we know when you are available we can plan specific work around your visit. This is true also of people with experience of traditional and/or green building methods.

The timetable is very flexible and is also weather dependent.   Working five hours a day, Monday to Friday, is the norm but volunteers may work longer hours for 4 days and have an additional day off.

It is inevitable that each individual will bring her, or his, own life experience and attitudes with them, however, at UFO Studios, it is expected that volunteers will be able, and willing, to share both work and relaxation time with people from differing backgrounds regardless of ethnicity, sexuality, race or creed.

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