Do you need a quiet period of time, free from distractions, to develop new ideas, meet deadlines, create works of literature, edit videos, paint, draw or engage in other forms of creative activity?

UFO Studios provides low cost accommodation for artists, musicians and writers who wish to escape the hustle and bustle of their daily routine in order to focus on their artwork.

Set against a backdrop of hills and sky, the property is on the edge of a quiet Bulgarian village with little vehicular traffic.  It is an ideal location for individual reflection and the sharing of ideas with other like-minded individuals.

Apart from affording a space to work, the project also aims to exhibit work, organise small art events and provide occasional art courses.


There are two rooms in the house and, in warm weather, volunteers often sleep in the raised garden room known as Normandy.  Two self-contained spaces in the garden are currently being developed. We have also had people living in tents and campervans.



Writers and artists who work with computers may access wireless internet in the house and garden. Artists may also work within the various outbuildings, courtyard and garden.

There is a large, open-sided barn that is used as a chill out and party space. An enclosed barn is currently being renovated to provide studios and workshops.